Sint Maarten/St. Martin

French Side
St. Martin

Dutch Side
Sint Maartin

None of our kind of resorts.

On the Dutch side of the island prostitution is legal and there are eight well known "clubs," or brothels, and more known only to the locals and resort security guards.

Enjoying the white sand and blue watersA room for a half hour will cost around $5 and the companion around $50. Taking her home for the night will include a "Bar Fee" that varies by the club and a separate fee that varies by the girl, the season (high or low) and how close the time is to closing.

There are very few local girls, most come from Colombia, Venezuela and the DR. And most are contracted to the clubs so independents or agency girls are hard to find.

Brothels/Clubs: (no entrance fee) Map
Bada Bing
Bada Bing599-552-7601 From 10pm to 5 am

The only brothel in Simpson Bay, on the road right next to the airport.

$150 bar fee, overnight fees change with traffic volume $300 - $500

The virtual tour on the website is not of the present club.

Note: All of the Brothels/Clubs listed below close at 2 am.

Border Bar (Sunset Retreat)Border Bar (Sunset Retreat)
Bottom of the barrel.
On the south side of the road between Oyster Pond and Philipsburg (Sucker Garden Rd).

3/22/2012 court ruled the owner trafficked in women and kept them prisoners, locking them in at night, robbing them, etc.

Carolina Bar
Carolina BarOpen daily

East side of Soualiga Rd. just North of Great Salt Pond Island. Not considered a safe area at night.

Restaurant and bar. Good selection during the day, packed at night.

Casa Blanca
Casa BlancaOpen daily

Just above Oyster Pond on the Oyster Pond to Philipsburg Road. The parking lot used to be dangerous at night but they have since put in some good lighting.

They have a classic strip club bar and a separate 24 hr dinning room. They have private VIP rooms, some with beds and some with bars. They have one bedroom suite that rents for $250/night and a companion for 24hrs will cost you $1,050

Crystal's Club
Crystal's Club - North of Great Salt Pond IslandOpen daily East side of Soualiga Rd just North of Great Salt Pond Island. Not considered a safe area at night.

Tiny place across the street from Carolina, just North of Salt Island Philipsburg.

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Defiance BarBar 1pm - 4pm Nightclub 8pm - 2am
At the top of the hill on the South side of the Oyster Pond to Philipsburg Road.

Private rooms upstairs (Staying all night is possible). Owned with El Capitan & Le Petit Chateau (and the photos inside the clubs on the website are not from these clubs).

El Capitan
El Capitan - Philipsburg Road 4pm - 2am At Umbrella Cactus Road and the Oyster Pond to Philipsburg Road (Sucker Garden Rd.).

Owned with Le Petit Chateau & Defiance. Next to the old Seamen's which is now an empty lot (and the photos inside the clubs on the website are not from these clubs)

Le Petit Chateau
Le Petit Chateau - On Slat Pond IslandOn Salt Pond Island and across the street from Little League stadium on Soualiga Rd.

Dark inside, locals Club, owned with El Capitan & Defiance. Considered the second cheapest brothel on the island (and the photos inside the clubs on the website are not from these clubs).

Seamen's Club
On the Oyster Pond to Philipsburg road (Sucker Garden Rd) and Umbrella Cactus Rd.

This is not the original Seamen's, created over a hundred years ago to keep Japanese seamen from raping local women. (That one was removed.) This one is new. Its behind El Capitan, on the same lot. Its nicer inside than El Capitan, just don't walk from one to the other. The ally is notorious for physical violence.

Stripclubs: (entrance fee)
Golden Eyes Club
Golden Eyes - NW of drawbridge10pm - 5 am
12 Airport Rd., three doors Northwest of the drawbridge.

Above Bonita's Cantina. Touristy strip club with private dance rooms and a balcony over looking Simpson Bay. They sometimes have featured dancers.

A bar fee of $250. They encourage their girls to charge $500 for the night.

The Platinum Room
The Platinum Room - Maho Beach 10pm - 5 am
In the Maho Beach Resort area.

The fanciest, most expensive, club on the island (but not as great as the website). Girls from Eastern Europe. $30/dance. $1,000 to leave the club with you for the night.

None of our kind of resorts.

The northern side of the island, St. Martin, is controlled by France. It has nude beaches but apparently no "houses." (In France being a prostitute is legal, but just about everything else is not.)

Eros/Crazy Paradise
Open on some Saturdays and occasional holidays.
590 87 2298

Gay, cross dressing Cabaret.

Escort Agencies
A Rare Affair
Review April 2012
So far this is the only "agency" we have found on the island. The clubs above will let you take a girl out for a night but you have to go to the club first. A Rare Affair will have the girl meet you. $600-800/night plus a $99 booking fee.

There are many independents working on the island but you have to know somebody who knows one of them. There are no websites, yellow pages ads or ads in the local newspapers.

Caribbean Sex Tours
Review April 2012)
They offer a tour of the "Hot Spots" at $100 for two. They will ask you your interests and try to design the tour to your satisfaction. The guide is well known at ever venue.

Nudist Resorts
Orient Beach Club
Review April 2012
OBC is one of the "four nudists places in the Caribbean". It is not a Swingers/Lifestyle resort but then no one needs to know what goes on in your villa.

General Information

Female providers on both sides of the island must be licensed and are typically examined once a week and their blood tested every 2-3 weeks. There seems to be a circuit between Saint Maarten, Campo Allegre - Curacao and Colombia that many of the girls follow. The rest come from either the Dominican Republic or Eastern Europe.

The island is small, it takes about an hour to drive all the way around, it would take less time if the road was wider. Crossing the border from Dutch to French (or French to Dutch) is so easy you will probably not realize you have. Taxis can be expensive: $40 from the Dutch side airport to Orient Beach, the farthest point away. $25 for a taxi from Philipsburg to Orient Beach. If you plan to leave your resort more than once a day renting a car will be cheaper. If you plan to drive outside the Oyster Pond-Philipsburg-Maho corridor you'll probably feel better with high ground clearance.

"Tourists drive on the right, just like the US. Locals, especially buses and taxis, drive in the center and generally move to the right. The Tourist Board and rental car agents say that any valid driver's license and a credit card will get you a rental car."

The airport on the French side is small and only handles island jumpers.

The most common claim is that Sint Maarten/St. Martin has the best food in the Caribbean. They base this on the fact that they have more restaurants per acre and per person than any other Caribbean island. The food is expensive as they must import most everything. A lunch for two will cost around $50.00 and dinner around $80.00.

What to do out of bed?

The Sea is everywhere and there are hundreds of things to do on, in or under it.

There is a daily regatta with "America's Cup" class sailboats and you can join the crew for a fee.

There are of course many other kinds of boats that you can rent or charter.

And then there is SCUBA, SNUBA, Snorkeling, SeaTrek, Semi Submersible glass bottomed boat, fishing of all kinds, surfing, kite surfing, kayaks, wave runners, etc.

Shopping: Everything is duty free; jewelry, watches, art, souvenirs.

Horseback riding, hiking, Segways, ATVs, paintball, mini car races, ziplines, golf.

Gambling, lots of Casinos on the Dutch side.

Music, discos, 1st class nightclubs, etc.

And the unique sights at the South end of the airport where it either looks like the plane is going to land on the beach or the beach is torn up by exhaust and the ocean is pushed away from the island.

The Sunset Bar and Grill
Where topless women drink for free, and the Driftwood Boat Bar are conveniently located to watch the airport action.

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